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Dynamics and Interactions: from quantum to gravity

15-29 June 2024


As always, the aim of this informal workshop is to increase interactions (and possible future collaboration) between topological solitons oriented physicists and mathematicians. And as always, we are mainly focused on discussion. Therefore, there will be only two talks per day with a lot of time for informal talks and discussions. This year we want to look closer on dynamcis and interaction of topological solitons. Especially we would like to better understand the role of internal modes in the dynamcis of kinks, vortices and magnetic Skyrmions. We also want to rveiew the recent progress on oscillons and Q-balls.   To keep the informal and cosy atmosphere we have to have a reasonable upper bound for the number of the participants, which we estimate to be 15 persons in each week. However, the workshop will be held in a hybrid form with unlimited access for online participants.